7 Best Local Foods in Mersing

Mersing is a quiet and peaceful place. Locals and tourists are happy and satisfied with the tranquillity and comfort of the place. If you are wondering what to do in such a small town, just try to come here. There has a lot of best local foods and you can through the Mersing Jetty to go many islands, such as Tioman Island.


1. Sri mersing café


63, Jalan Sulaiman, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:


Sri Mersing Cafe is a gem of Mersing. It provides an original Kopi Tiam (Chinese coffee shop) located in Mersing where fresh coffee and baked goods are served hot and fresh, such as bread, cakes and local pastries. The must have kaya toast and soft bollled eggs is also available. Here you can have a traditional Malaysian Chinese breakfast and start your day with traditional food. Specially, their kaya toast is used their own made kaya to do. So, the tasty is guaranteed.

2. Brother Joe ikan bakar & seafood



Jalan Makam, Kampung Mersing Kanan, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:


All dishes in this restaurant Brother Joe was very good and delicious. The price is also quite reasonable and their environment is very quiet and comfortable. Their parking area is also very comfortable to facilitate customers. All of their dishes are fresh, it’s very good yet. Their famous dishes have sea bass steam cooking, steam grouper, butter cooked shrimp, kailan vegetable cooked with salted fish, shellfish stew, chili cooked clams and chili crab cooked with eggs. If you can here, here will become the most interesting seafood experiences in life. If you wish to travel to Mersing, do not forget to stop by the restaurant Brother Joe’s Seafood & Ikan Bakar and you will not regret eating here.

3. Satay teluk iskandar


Kampung Paya Tinggal, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:

5pm-12am (Closed on Thursday)

Satay Teluk Iskandar is a famous warung in Mersing for serving various kinds of satays included mutton, venison, rabbit and many more! The menu for the various kinds of satays. There have different kinds of satays, nasi himpit and kacang sauce. All tasted very delicious. This is a great place to consume different kinds of meat.

4. Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant


55, Jalan Abu Bakar, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:


Loke Tien Yuen Restaurant is one of the Mersing’s oldest Chinese restaurant and become the friendliest and busiest places in town. You may have to wait on your marble table to enjoy the deliciously prepared dishes. Their steamed grouper was used the super fresh grouper flesh. Its snowy white, juicy, tender and sweet like pieces of fruit. The sauce was light and fragrant, and brought out the natural sweetness of the fish very well. The This dish may look very simply but it was really exquisite fine culinary art in a charming Nanyang styled coffee shop. This was the favourite dish at Loke Tien Yuen. Next is the ko lou yok or sweet and sour pork. The naturally sweet pork inside was fresh and tender. The savoury sauce was neither too sweet nor too sour. The third was the fried sotong (squid) in black bean paste. Their sotong is very fresh and tasty. If you like the classic Cantonese dishes, you must come here to try, they will provide the fresh ingredients to you.

5. Mersing seafood restaurant


No. 56, Jalan Ismail, Mersing Kechil, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:


This is a traditional Chinese restaurant, known as the best Chinese Restaurant you can ever find in Mersing. It serves the freshest seafood and many other dishes; all is the Chinese style. Their salted fried rice and LaLa soup were fantastic. Also, the pork ribs and salted egg York stuffed squid become the famous dishes at there. You can share your dishes with your friends or family so you can taste more delicious food. Remember that smoking is prohibited here.

6. Nasi Dagang Mak Yah


Kampung Bahagia, 86800 Mersing, Johor.

Opening Hours:


Not many people know that Mersing has a good selection of food items that originated from Terengganu like nasi dagang, keropok lekor and satar. It is sold from a simple stall next to the main wet goods market. The nasi dagang is so popular that you have to queue to buy it. However, Mak Yah sells her nasi dagang for take-away only. Its taste is good and the price is very reasonable.

7. The Port Cafe and Bistro


Jalan Abu Bakar, Taman Mersing, 86800 Mersing, Johor

Opening Hours:


Famous among the tourists, The Port Café is within close proximity to the ferry terminal. Tourists can enjoy food while waiting for the ferry to arrive. This is why seats are often fully occupied. It serves western food and local cuisine. Fans and curtains are provided to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. The cafe does not serve alcohol, but there are plenty of drinks. However, the prices of these foods are slightly higher than those of other restaurants.

How to go Mersing From Singapore

1. Private Taxi Service

Travel is more comfortable and less troublesome if you take a private car than by bus or van. You can save a maximum of 1 to 1. 5 hours by getting off the bus twice just to get out of the country. It is suitable for family or groups is to hire a private taxi. This is the most preferred and popular choices among the rest of transport since the travelling time will be most convenient as compare to others transportation especially if you have young children on board. The travelling time normally take less than 3 hours’ drive from Singapore to Mersing and that of course must depend on both immigration clearance and traffic condition. Due to high demand, The Rickshaw Run (Main website link) is now providing this transportation services from Singapore to Mersing too.


  • Simple and easy to make a reservation through online in just few click.
  • We will pick you up at your selected location in Singapore Island wide.
  • With us you can enjoy sit in the car and across border without alight your luggage.
  • Affordable price with 5 stars services experience.
  • Friendly driver with simple English speaking.

2. Bus & Coach From Singapore To Mersing

If you travel according to budget, consider taking a bus. The bus ticket can be booked online. To avoid traffic jams, it is recommended that you book a bus as soon as possible so that you can catch the ferry. Later, you need to get off the bus to clear the customs. Carry your luggage with you for scanning. Your destination is the bus stop in the center of the town of Mersing.

Bus schedule:


Mersing Jetty Schedule

If you want to another island such as Tioman Island from Mersing, you can take hi-speed ferry services offered by Bluewater Express. Sometimes the ferries may be affected by tidal conditions. Therefore, you must check the details of the Tioman’s ferry schedule to avoid disappointment before you go to.

Here is the website that can check the schedule and price of ferries:


Steps for getting tickets of Ferries:

  1. As soon as you arrive at Mersing Jetty, go to the Blue Water Express ticket office.
  2. Buy a round trip ticket (ferry tickets not available for sale to Mersing on Timan Island)
  3. Your destination can be any bay on the island. Next, check in your ferry ticket at the counter next to you.
  4. Check in and go to the Marine Park permit counter.
  5. Each person is required to buy a marine park conservation permit.
  6. Now, you can wait for the ferry to take off. If you have enough time, you can explore town or relax in nearby restaurants. However, be sure to return to the dock on time. Or, wait for the ferry in the seating area provided. Get a boarding pass before waiting in line to take a boat.

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