Pulau Rawa – Maldives of Johor

Pulau Rawa is a private, isolated island owned by the Johor Sultanate. In addition to being famous for its fine white sand on the beach, the island is surrounded by charming coral reefs that can be explored by snorkelling. The interior of Pulau Rawa is completely covered by the lush rain forest, which is still the most mysterious and attractive part of it. Sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, swimming and walking, Pulau Rawa can make your ideal vacation to become a reality.

Pulau Rawa is not only for the world of two, but also for family vacations, friend gatherings, and even corporate vacations. The island has not been destroyed because of its small development. Therefore, it has everything that a primitive island should have, whether it is clear water, clean environment, or swaying palm trees. Surrounded by hammock, tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island. At the same time, try your best to immerse yourself in this new world so that you can get rid of your busy daily life. After restoring your strength for a few days, you will return to normal life.

What can do in Pulau Rawa?

1. Scuba Diving

The crystal-clear water provides divers with a wonderful diving experience on Pulau Rawa. With the establishment of diving centers, divers can attend PADI courses suitable for different diving levels.

2. Snorkeling

Prepare for a wonderful adventure that the whole family can enjoy. In this water-filled fairyland, you will be surrounded by magnificent marine life, and you will be able to explore them at close range.

3. Hiking

There is a path for tourists to explore the island. The path to the top of the mountain provides a panoramic view of the island and its surrounding oceans. These 40-minute adventures are sure to bring you closer to nature.

4. Island Hopping

All the nearby islands, such as Pulau Harimau and Pulau Mensirip have a unique history and beautiful place to visit. You can also go on a picnic, any island you like, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

5. Kayaking

The kayak trip makes you keep in touch with nature in a unique way. To see this island from a different point of view is the most memorable experience of you in the Pulau Rawa.

6. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is an interesting sport that can be played for hours or even not. In addition to the health benefits, it makes everyone in the game, and you can even make new friends!

7. Water Slides

There are 2 slides around and both will get you to end up splashing into the sea. The blue straight slide is suitable for those who fear height. And for the orange slices, it’s higher and you will enjoy twists and turns while gliding down the slides.

8. Just Relax

The white beach attracts the construction of the sand castle and the sunbath to relax and enjoy some fun. Walk along the beach and walk through the beautiful sunset to melt all your stress immediately. Hammocks are also available for relaxation.

Hotels in Pulau Rawa

1. Rawa Island Resort



Rawa Island Resort, Tourist Centre, Jalan Abu Bakar, 86800 Mersing, Johor, Malaysia.


Start from RM900 (per person)

Rawa Island Resort is an idyllic tropical island for guests to relieve the pressure and stress of modern life. When you walk on the beach, feel the white sand in the sun between your toes. Swim in the warm waters of the South China Sea. Enjoy the green scenery. Snorkeling on natural coral reefs a few meters from the coast. Or, when you watch the sun lazily disappear on the orange horizon, you can relax. It situated within the archipelago of the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park. Rawa Island is accessible by a twenty-minute boat ride from Mersing, Johor. The seaside resort has 77 rooms, each designed separately to fit into the natural landscape. Modern furniture provides guests with comfort at home.

Other facilities:

  • Restaurant
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba-diving
  • Hobby-cat sailing
  • Island hopping
  • Spa
  • Corporate events

2. Alang’s Rawa



Rawa Island, Mersing, Johor


Start from RM600 (per person)

Pulau Rawa is part of the Seri Buat archipelago on the south-east coast of Malaysia. The east coast is the perfect weather for about ten months. Alang’s Rawa is famous for its food – many guests come back time after time for our Rawa Special Fish and other favourites! The package is from a set menu and the menu is changing every day, with a wide variety of choices for all tastes. They offer boat transfers from Mersing and aim to make sure the boat leaves at the most convenient time for all of our guests. You will be collected when the boat is ready to depart. Alang’s Rawa is more likely to have a cocktail on the beach and enjoy a leisurely happy time. However, there are many activities to serve more energetic guests. On weekends, Alang’s Rawa will be one of the best nightlife places in the area, with legendary Saturday night barbecues, parties and events, and you will dance on the table.

Other facilities:

  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Scuba-diving
  • Beach Volleyball

How to go to Pulau Rawa from Singapore

1. Private Taxi Service

Travel is more comfortable and less troublesome if you take a private car than by bus or van. You can save a maximum of 1 to 1. 5 hours by getting off the bus twice just to get out of the country. It is suitable for family or groups are to hire a private taxi. This is the most preferred and popular choices among the rest of transport since the travelling time will be most convenient as compare to others transportation especially if you have young children on board. The travelling time normally take less than 3 hours’ drive from Singapore to Mersing Jetty and that of course must depend on both immigration clearance and traffic condition. Due to high demand, The Rickshaw Run (Main website link) is now providing this transportation services from Singapore to Mersing Jetty too.


  • Simple and easy to make a reservation through online in just few click.
  • We will pick you up at your selected location in Singapore Island wide.
  • With us you can enjoy sit in the car and across border without alight your luggage.
  • Affordable price with 5 stars services experience.
  • Friendly driver with simple English speaking.

2. By bus

This is the cheapest trip, but a little troublesome and slow, because you need customs clearance if you are from Singapore. There has several buses are available for direct transfer to Mersing every day. But, if you arrive the Mersing’s terminal bus station, you need to take a taxi to the Mersing Jetty. There don’t have the direct bus to the Mersing Jetty.

Online bus ticket:


Best Time to go to Pulau Rawa

The island is closed during the monsoon season (October-February). This is due to strong winds blowing, surging sea water may cause harm and danger to tourists. Therefore, traveling during this period may lead to disappointment. In order to have the best day in a sunny day, you can plan your holiday trip between April and September, especially in June and July. The weather, water and everything are good for water sports!

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