10 Things That Can Do in Cameron Highlands

1. Visit the tea plantation


Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


Tea plantations dominate the rolling hills surrounding Cameron Highlands. The breathtaking scenery combines with lush green mountains to create a smooth harmony that spreads in all directions. If you enjoy the stunning green scenery, rolling hills and leafy mountains, don’t miss the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands. In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, most tea gardens also offer opportunities to taste tea, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about the local tea industry. BOH Tea Plantation is one of the most famous Tea plantations in the area, but others include BOH Sungai Palas Tea Centre and Bharat Tea Plantation.

2. Eat lavender ice cream at the Lavender Garden


Taman Tringkap, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thur (9AM-6PM)

Fri – Sun (9AM-7PM)

The scenic lavender center is one of the most beautiful places in Cameron Highlands. purples, lilacs, mauves, and blues are home to a variety of breathtaking lavender. Walking on well-maintained trails, the air is filled with a unique and intense aroma. Learn more about the use of lavender, including its medicinal and therapeutic reasons. Understanding the plant’s culinary uses is also instructive. You can also buy a variety of lavender products to take home as unusual gifts or souvenirs. Besides, you should try the lavender ice cream there!

3. Pick your own fruit at a strawberry farm


Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


Cameron Highlands is the only place in Malaysia where juicy strawberries are grown. The mild climate throughout the year creates ideal growing conditions. Fruit lovers can pick fresh sweet and sour strawberries in the Big Red Strawberry or Raju’s Hill. Take a basket and choose whichever you like. Or enjoy their strawberry-themed snacks at the farm cafe. The Cameron highlands are higher in elevation and cooler in temperature, making it relatively easy for farmers to grow strawberries. Many stores also sell a variety of strawberry themed items, including milkshakes, jams, ice cream and decorations. Local strawberry farm Tours include Big Red Strawberry, Strawberry Farm Kea, Healthy Strawberry Farm, Kok Lim Strawberry Farm, and Raaju Hill Strawberry.

4. Have fun at the Butterfly Farm


43rd Miles, Kea Farm, 39100, Pahang

Opening Hours:


In Cameron Highlands, a trip to the butterfly farm is one of the most important things for families with young children. The farm is about eight kilometers (five miles) from Tanah Rata and features a large number of insects and reptiles. To the surprise of children, you can stroll through the garden, passing hundreds of colorful, dancing butterflies. Other creatures include beetles, spiders, reptiles, and fish and ducks. If you ever want to enter a tropical garden with colorful butterflies flying in the air and sitting on flowers, the butterfly farm will make you happy. The facility is popular with children and adults, and has an abundance of creepy crawlies. Observe insects, spiders, and reptiles with curiosity, intrigue, revulsion, and fear. Other farm animals include ducks and fish.

5. Visit the Time Tunnel


Cameron Highland, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


The magical Time Tunnel is sometimes called the local museum. However, the Time Tunnel is more than a museum. Designed by an avid collector, See Kok Shan, the museum has eight galleries representing different eras in Malaysia’s past. More than 4,000 artifacts, from antiques to old posters to black-and-white photographs. Look at the aboriginal areas and learn more about the Orang Asli(ancient inhabitants of Malaysia) and their mysterious way of life. It allows you to experience the past. Immerse yourself in different scenes and play with various props for fun and wonderful photos. Sit down for a cup of tea, walk into a hair salon, climb behind the bar, pose with a drink cart, play old-fashioned games, etc. The collection of memorabilia here is impressive and the best place to learn about life after the Japanese occupation.

6. Visit the cactus centre


Cactus Valley Pekan lama, 39100, Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


Cameron Highlands has two major cactus centers: cactus valley and cactus point. Every place is home to a variety of cactus, plants of all shapes, colors, and sizes growing angry spines large and small. You’ll see cactus from all over the world, and you’ll also see some very old cactus. The two centers also display other factories. There you can buy different kinds of cactus as souvenirs. All of them are very cute!

7. Shop in local markets

Markets around Cameron Highlands offer a window into local life, often selling a variety of fresh produce, herbs, clothing and other everyday items. Many shops also offer tourists a range of souvenirs and trinkets, as well as local products such as tea, honey and strawberries.

8. Visit the night market


Jalan Sungai Ruil, Brinchang, 39000 Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


In Tanah Rata, the night market is a popular shopping attraction with night markets every Friday and Saturday from late evening to late night. This weekend’s market, which was relocated from its original location in Brinchang town, known locally as Pasar Malam, now sits on the hill near Jalan Sungai Ruil, next to the golf course near the Casa dela Rosa hotel. Similar to Kea Farm’s daily market, Cameron Highlands sells high levels of native products, including strawberries, vegetables, fruits, tea blends, ornamental plants and colorful souvenirs. The night market is also a gastronomic adventure — an enticing display of hawker stalls from different cultures across Malaysia.

9. Buy fresh produce from the Kea Farm Market


43&44, Medan Argo, Kea Farm, 39100 Brinchang, Pahang

Opening Hours:


Kea Farm is a rural district of Cameron Highlands, 3 kilometers north of Brinchang township and 3 kilometers in front of Tringkap. Its central feature is a vegetable market along the main road — a popular shopping destination for weekend visitors. Situated on a plateau next to the hotel corthorne (formerly an equatorial resort), traders and farmers sell their best crops and goods from morning till night. When the market closes, look for great cheap perishable stocks, such as green, corn, strawberries, flowers, food, etc. Some nearby tourist attractions include the rose center, Ee Feng Gu and butterfly garden.

10. Visit the Mah Meri Art Gallery


29 & 30 Main Road | 1st Floor, Tanah Rata 39000, Malaysia


The Mah Meri Art Gallery displays intricate local wood carvings traditionally made by the Mah Mehi ethnic group. The Mah Meri people came from the island of Carey in this country. The gallery is an incredible and charming museum of wood carving, which is a private collection of beautiful handicrafts of the indigenous mameri in kaili island in Malaysia. There are masks, statues and so on, all carved out of wood.

How to go to Cameron Highlands from Singapore

1. Private Taxi Service

Travel is more comfortable and less troublesome if you take a private car than by bus or van. You can save a maximum of 1 to 1. 5 hours by getting off the bus twice just to get out of the country. It is suitable for family or groups is to hire a private taxi. This is the most preferred and popular choices among the rest of transport since the travelling time will be most convenient as compare to others transportation especially if you have young children on board. The travelling time normally take less than 7 hours’ drive from Singapore to Cameron Highlands and that of course must depend on both immigration clearance and traffic condition. Due to high demand, The Rickshaw Run (Main website link) is now providing this transportation services from Singapore to Cameron Highlands too.


–              Simple and easy to make a reservation through online in just few click.

–              We will pick you up at your selected location in Singapore Island wide.

–              With us you can enjoy sit in the car and across border without alight your luggage.

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–              All cars are well maintained to ensure your safety

–              Friendly driver with simple English speaking.

2. Bus & Coach From Singapore To Cameron Highlands

If you travel according to budget, consider taking a bus. The bus ticket can be booked online. To avoid traffic jams, it is recommended that you book a bus as soon as possible so that you can catch the ferry. Later, you need to get off the bus to clear the customs. Carry your luggage with you for scanning. Your destination will according your bus’s destination. The cost of the bus is about $50 per person.

Bus Ticket:


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