Top 7 Things To Do In Kukup

  1. Walk in Pulau Kukup National Park

Pulau Kukup National Park is a nature reserve located in the southern part of Johor, Malaysia. The park is primarily a mangrove swamp, and it is considered the largest uninhabited mangrove island in the world. Pulau Kukup National Park covers an area of approximately 647 hectares, and it is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna.

The national park is made up of two islands, Pulau Kukup and Pulau Ubin. The park is recognized as a Ramsar site, which is a designation given to wetlands of international importance. The Ramsar designation recognizes the ecological value of the area, and it is intended to promote conservation and sustainable use of the wetlands.

Visitors to Pulau Kukup National Park can explore the mangrove forests via a series of boardwalks that wind through the trees. Along the way, visitors can spot a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, monitor lizards, and a variety of bird species. The park is also home to a large population of mudskippers, which are fish that can live out of water for extended periods of time.

In addition to its ecological significance, Pulau Kukup National Park is also culturally important. The area has been inhabited by the Orang Seletar, a tribe of sea nomads, for centuries. Visitors to the park can learn about the history and traditions of the Orang Seletar through guided tours and cultural programs. Overall, Pulau Kukup National Park is a unique and fascinating destination that offers visitors the chance to explore a one-of-a-kind ecosystem and learn about the rich cultural heritage of the region.


Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am – 1:30pm


  1. Fishing at Kukup Fishing Village

Pulau Kukup National Park is a beautiful nature reserve located in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Fishing is one of the popular activities that visitors can enjoy while visiting the park. Here are some things to know and tips for fishing in Pulau Kukup National Park:

  1. Types of Fish: The park is home to a variety of fish species, including the popular red snapper, grouper, and barracuda. Other species include black pomfret, golden snapper, and stingrays.

  2. Fishing Equipment: Visitors are required to bring their own fishing equipment, including rods, reels, lines, hooks, bait, and lures. The park does not rent out fishing equipment.

  3. Fishing Spots: The best fishing spots in the park are near the rocky shores or near the mangrove forests. Visitors are advised to check with park authorities on the designated fishing areas before casting their lines.

  4. Fishing Regulations: The park has strict fishing regulations in place to protect its marine life. Visitors are required to obtain a fishing permit from the park authorities before fishing. The fishing permit also specifies the size and number of fish that can be caught.

  5. Other Activities: Visitors can also enjoy other activities while in the park, such as hiking, bird watching, and exploring the mangrove forests.

  6. Safety Precautions: Visitors should also take necessary safety precautions while fishing, such as wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, using insect repellent, and carrying plenty of drinking water.

Overall, fishing in Pulau Kukup National Park is a great way to experience the park’s natural beauty and marine life. Just remember to follow the park’s fishing regulations and guidelines to ensure the protection of the park’s ecosystem.


Location: 74 Kukup Laut, 82300 Kukup, Johor


  1. Enjoy a seafood meal at New Kukup Restaurant

New Kukup Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant located in Kukup, Johor, Malaysia. It is a popular destination for seafood lovers due to its delicious seafood dishes and reasonable prices. The restaurant has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere and offers both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Here are some of the items on the menu and their prices:

  • Chili Crab (Market Price)
  • Butter Prawns (RM 50-80)
  • Salted Egg Squid (RM 25-45)
  • Steamed Fish (RM 70-100)
  • Fried Rice (RM 10-20)
  • Vegetables (RM 10-15)

Please note that prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the size of the portion and availability of ingredients.

The restaurant is located at: No. 66, Jalan Belanak, Kampung Teluk Kechai, 82300 Kukup, Johor, Malaysia

Here is the Google Map link for New Kukup Seafood Restaurant:


Here is the Facebook page for New Kukup Seafood Restaurant:

I hope this information is helpful to you. Enjoy your dining experience at New Kukup Seafood Restaurant!


MY Johor No.1, Kukup Laut, 82300
  1. Shop Fresh Seafood From Pontian Fish Market

Pontian Fish Market is a popular seafood market located in Pontian, Johor, Malaysia. The market offers a wide variety of fresh seafood, including various types of fish, prawns, crabs, and other shellfish.

Some of the most popular fish sold at Pontian Fish Market include grouper, red snapper, pomfret, and tilapia. Prices for the fish vary depending on the type and size, but they generally range from RM 30 to RM 100 per kilogram.

The market is known for its lively and bustling atmosphere, with vendors calling out their wares and customers bargaining for the best prices. The market is open daily from early morning until late afternoon.

If you’re interested in visiting Pontian Fish Market, you can find more information and reviews on their Google Business listing at

You can also check out their Facebook page at

Pontian Fish Market (

 for more updates and photos of their fresh seafood offerings.


  • Find unusual fish species
  • Bid on the best fish among the other customers


Location: 12/13, Taman Suraya Indah, Jalan Kukup, 82000 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:

Daily: 6:00am – 4:00pm

Closed on: Monday


  1. Light the Kong Ming Lantern

At Kukup, you can spend the night playing Kongmin Lanterns. These sky lanterns are of great significance in history because they were used in ancient wars. These lanterns are used during carnivals and festivals as a symbol to let your worries float away.

You can watch a parade of lanterns slowly fill the sky, or you can buy your own lanterns for a cheap price!


  1. Enjoy a special experience in Kukup’s Kelong

Kukup also offers a special experience with their floating fish farm, also known as kelong. It would be interesting to understand how fish grow from small hatchlings with different growth rates. In kelong, you can also see small sharks and a variety of unusual fish. Some kelong also sell a variety of fish products, such as salted fish


  1. Walk Among Mangroves At Tanjung Piai

The mangrove forests at Tanjung Piai are well-preserved and offer a tranquil environment for visitors to enjoy. Walking along the wooden boardwalks, you can observe the different species of mangroves, such as the Rhizophora and Avicennia, as well as various marine animals like mudskippers, crabs, and fish. You can also see migratory birds, such as herons, egrets, and kingfishers, as they nest and feed in the mangrove trees.

The walk among mangroves at Tanjung Piai takes approximately one to two hours, depending on your pace. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and bring along insect repellent, sunscreen, and a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun. Visitors are also advised to follow the guidelines and regulations set by the park authorities, such as not littering or damaging the environment.

In addition to the mangrove walk, there are other activities and attractions at Tanjung Piai, such as the Piai Tower, which offers a stunning panoramic view of the cape and the Straits of Malacca. There are also food and souvenir stalls, as well as a visitor center where you can learn more about the mangrove ecosystem and the local culture.

Overall, a walk among the mangroves at Tanjung Piai is a peaceful and educational experience that allows you to appreciate the beauty and importance of this unique ecosystem.

Location:Taman Negara Johor Tanjung Piai Mukim, 82030 Kukup, Johor
Opening Hours: Daily: 8:00am to 5:00pm

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