Where To Stay In Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park can be divided into two places. It depends on which entrance you choose for your adventure.


Selai Entrance Accommodations

Family Chalet

There are 4 units of family chalet. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room and kitchen. It has two floors, the master bedroom is in the first floor while the two single bedroom is on the second floor. It fits 4 persons and costs RM200 per night.

Standard Chalet

There are 4 units of standard chalet which has fan. It has two single bedroom and a bathroom. It fits two person and costs RM120 per night.


The dormitory has two blocks, block A & B. Each block can accommodate 40 people. It is equipped with double-decker beds, metal lockers and ceiling fan. It has shared bathroom, prayer room and cooking area. Pricings are Malaysian RM20/person (adult), RM10/person (student). Non-Malaysian RM30/person (adult),

Peta Entrance Accommodations

Nature Education & Research Center (NERC)

NERC has a mini library, a computer lab, tubing facilities, activity hall, seminar room and dormitory which can accommodate up to 80 people. It is about 10 minutes boat ride from Kg. Peta.

Pantai Burung Campsite

Pantai Burung campsite is located just near Kg. Peta. It’s just about 10 minute walk away from Visitor Complex.

It is equipped with simple toilets, showers and an area to cook. It’s a good area to camp for those who want to spend time just nearby the area with camping capacity of 100 persons.


Kuala Jasin Campsite

Kuala Jasin is the main base camp at Endau Rompin, most of the trailheads start from here. Camping grounds, gazebo and multi-purpose hall are provided at Kuala Jasin.

It is most well-equipped campsite with electricity supplied as well as direct road access to the site. The campsite has 3 units of the three-room chalet with 5 bedrooms each, 10 units of standard chalet with 2 single beds each and camping capacity of 90 persons.

You can go to Kuala Jasin from Kg. Peta via a boat ride (RM22 per person) which will take 45mins. Besides that, you also can walk the 15km trail which might take around 2 hours.


Kuala Marong Campsite

It is 45mins boat ride from Kg. Peta + 90mins trek from Kuala Jasin Campsite with camping capacity of 30 persons. At Kuala Marong, it has a campsite, cooking area, basic toilet and gazebo.


Batu Hampar Campsite

Batu Hampar campsite is another 40 minute gentle hike from Upeh Guling or 90 minutes trek from Kuala Marong Campsite with camping capacity of 30 persons.

As you hike the trail, huge palms and dipterocarp trees cover your journey. The path is quite faint and only hike with a guide.

All campsites mentioned above have a basic toilet, cubicle shower facilities with bucket, pail and tap and cooking area.


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