TOP 10 Halal Food Truck In Johor Bahru

Brader Doug

Emblazoned with a giant slogan: “Diet is not on my list”, the small yellow food truck crisscrossed Johor Baru daily, serving foodies the best sauces and cheesedogs in town.

This little food truck, where many foodies wonder where it’s going and grab a bite of a precious and delicious hot dog, offers customers a variety of hot dogs, chicken wraps and sandwiches with a variety of special sauces that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Address: Follow the Facebook page Brader Doug in order to catch the food truck.

Contact: 011-21644944


Zoul Pizza

Zoul pizza’s pizza crust is fresh and crispy, topped with fresh mushrooms, sausage and tomatoes, and most importantly topped with a thick layer of cheese, which is sure to thrill your taste buds. Customers can choose the size of the pizza according to their preference and with prices ranging from RM20 to RM40, it is very good value and affordable.

Address: Follow the Facebook page Zoul Pizza in order to catch the food truck.

Contact: 013-7952548


Aunty Amy

Check out Aunt Amy’s food truck, located outside the Subway outlet in Taman Mount Austin. The food truck, which mainly serves curry laksa noodles to customers, is packed with foodies every night. Your choice of noodles, served with homemade curry laksa, plus some tofu, fish balls, fish cakes, siham and more, will definitely complete your day after a long day at work!

Best of all, the curry laksa soup does not rely heavily on chilli oil and coconut milk, thus you can really dig into the flavour of curry laksa without drowning out the flavour of coconut milk or chilli oil.

Address: 41 Jalan Austin Heighs 3, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. (parked outside the Subway outlet)

Business hours: 7pm to 11pm daily. Tuesday closed.


Nnego Foodtruck

Nnego Foodtruck serves up local snacks and a variety of Thailand’s well-known teas. Thai tea has several flavors, such as lychee tea, peach tea, passion fruit tea, honey lemon tea, strawberry mint tea and so on.

After the taste of the tea has been selected, you will be asked to choose the part you like, which is in the cup and bag. A cup of tea is priced at RM3 and a packet is priced at RM5. Two cups of Thai tea are only RM5.

As for local snacks, Nnego Foodtruck offers customers its signature chicken and beef satay at only RM1 per stick. Go buy some satay and Thai cold tea to overcome your hunger and thirst!

Address: Follow the Facebook page Nnego Foodtruck in order to catch the food truck.

Contact: 017-7272205


The 1991


If you’re a Western food enthusiast, check out The 1991 food truck and you’ll find it’s worth a visit! Parked in the same row as yakitori, the truck serves barbecue and burgers.

If you’re here, we highly recommend you try this burger, it’s completely unique, stunning, and you won’t be able to forget it and will be sure to come back again. All of their burger menus actually come from their ideas, not from a regular menu.

Not to mention the homemade lemonade on offer, which is nothing like other places and restaurants. The food truck insists on serving fresh lemon juice and green tea instead of syrup or instant powder.

Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Kenanga 29/1, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai.

Opening hours: 9pm to 12am daily. Wednesday and Sunday closed.

Contact: 012-6855601


B.L.O.C (Special Crispy Banana Fritters) Food Truck

This little food truck, specialize in providing customers with different types of pizza, such as jade rice slice chocolate caramel banana, peanut butter chocolate banana, Butterscotch banana, chocolate ball banana, chocolate cheese banana, cheese banana and so on.

Of all the flavors, nacho chocolate and caramel are the most popular and foodie. Fried to a golden brown, with a crispy outer skin but retaining the soft texture of the banana, the fried banana is then drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce for extra sweetness.

Then some cornflakes are sprinkled on top to give it a crunchy texture and also help temper the sweetness.

Additional Information:

Address: Follow the Facebook page B.L.O.C in order to catch the food truck.

Contact: 016-7712930


F& F Qalish Food Truck

The F&F Qalish food truck is the perfect destination for all hungry foodies to fill their stomachs at night. The yellow themed little food truck, which serves customers chicken rice for RM6 and chicken congee for RM5.

If rice or porridge does not fill your stomach, you can add a perfectly poached egg or drink such as lemon tea, flower tea or lychee for only RM1! You can also add a special iced green tea matcha for only RM3. All of these drinks are delicious and fresh every day.

You can’t miss Bergedil Tauhu, a deep-fried tofu stuffed with preserved meat. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, it definitely stimulates your taste buds the most.

Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Harmonium 24/1, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru. (In front of Autobacs Tebrau City)

Business hours: 8pm to 12am daily. Friday closed.


Kerup Kitchen

You should not miss the minivan, or you will miss the best food the minivan has to offer. Western food is mainly served by small diners with a black theme. The truck offers chicken chops, grilled chicken chops, lamb chops, meatballs and grilled sausages.

All of this food is prepared on the spot after being ordered. So, don’t worry too much that you might get a pre-cooked meal. After ordering their food, most customers will only pay RM5 for a top-up. Some of their popular side dishes are potato cubes and French fries.

In addition to pork chops, Clapp Kitchen also offers juicy and delicious chicken chops or grilled chicken burgers. A chicken fillet burger is only Rm10 and a grilled chicken burger is RM14.

These chicken patties and chicken chops on the hamburger are delicious and juicy. With each bite, you can feel the juices of these chicken patties and chicken chops gushing out of your mouth.

Additional Information:

Address: Follow the Facebook page The Kerup Kitchen in order to catch the food truck.

Contact: 017-7289217


Gerobok Nasi Lemak

As its name suggests, this food truck serves local delicacies to every customer, and everyone recognizes its taste. Yes, fried rice. Now, you can have fried rice at night, too, because the dining car stays open late.

The fried rice on the table looks and tastes very good. Their curry rice has a strong aroma, with coconut milk and pandan leaves. What makes fried rice so good? Chili sauce. The sambal used in their curry rice is not very spicy but slightly sweet, and you can even taste the spiciness of the cheese, onion and ginger used to prepare the sambal.

Their fried rice is also available in set menus such as chicken fried rice, fried calamari fried rice, meatball fried rice and more. Prices range from RM5.50 to RM13.50 depending on the type of protein selected.

Additional Information:

Address: Jalan Kenanga 29/1, Bandar Indahpura, 81000 Kulai

Business hours: 6pm to 12am daily. Sunday closed.


YSM Food Truck- Burger Evo

For all burger lovers, you shouldn’t miss the YSM food truck, which mainly serves burgers to customers. But what makes a burger so special? Yes, because of the pan roast chicken and beef patties in your burger!

Tender, juicy, well-marinated chicken and beef, and crunchy nachos sneaked into your burger, will give you 100% satisfaction with every bite! Another selling point is that each burger uses a black, healthy charcoal burger.

Additional Information:

Address: Follow the Facebook page YSM Food Truck in order to catch the food truck.

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