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RUD Karting

Rud Karting is one of the most popular karting spots in Johor, Malaysia. It is situated in a strategic location, making it a convenient place for locals and tourists to visit. Here is an overview of the Rud Karting experience, including the shop’s appearance, requirements for driving a cart, facilities provided, price range, working hours, and social media links.

Firstly, the shop’s appearance is clean, well-maintained, and modern. It features a spacious showroom that displays a wide range of karts for customers to choose from. The shop also has a dedicated space for drivers to gear up and get ready for their karting experience.

To drive a kart at Rud Karting, customers must be at least 10 years old and 1.5 meters tall. Prior to driving, customers are required to attend a briefing to learn about the rules and safety procedures of karting. Helmets and other safety equipment are provided by Rud Karting.

Rud Karting provides a range of facilities to ensure customers have a great experience. The track is well-designed with a challenging layout that includes twists, turns, and long straights. The karts are regularly maintained to ensure they are in top condition. The shop also provides a comfortable waiting area for customers to relax in between races.

The price range for karting at Rud Karting varies depending on the package selected. The basic package starts at RM 25 for 5 minutes of driving, while the premium package costs RM 130 for 30 minutes of driving. Customers can also purchase a membership that provides discounts and other benefits.

Rud Karting’s working hours are from 11 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Customers can check the shop’s social media pages for any updates on changes to the operating hours.

Here is the Google Maps link to Rud Karting:

Rud Karting can be found on Facebook at:

And on Instagram at:

In conclusion, Rud Karting is a fantastic karting spot in Johor that provides an enjoyable and safe experience for all ages. With a well-maintained shop, comprehensive safety procedures, and a range of facilities, Rud Karting is a must-visit for anyone who loves karting.

Working hours: Monday – Sunday @ 11:00am – 02:00am

Contact: 011-5880 7719 / 016-7471119



PTD 200284, Persiaran Medini Sentral 6, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor


Morac Adventure Park Langkawi

Morac Adventure Park Langkawi is an exciting destination that offers a wide range of thrilling activities and top-notch facilities for tourists of all ages. Located in the heart of Langkawi Island, this park attracts visitors from all over the world with its unique attractions, picturesque surroundings, and affordable prices.

One of the main reasons why Morac Adventure Park Langkawi is so popular is its extensive facilities. The park boasts a variety of activities, including a zip line, rope course, paintball, ATV rides, and archery. There are also a variety of games and challenges, such as wall climbing, high ropes, and a flying fox. The park is well-maintained and offers a safe environment for visitors to have fun.

In addition to the adventure activities, Morac Adventure Park Langkawi also has several shops that sell souvenirs, snacks, and drinks. These shops are strategically placed throughout the park, making it easy for visitors to purchase refreshments and mementos. The park is also home to a restaurant that serves delicious local and international cuisine.

Morac Adventure Park Langkawi’s unique attractions and picturesque surroundings also contribute to its popularity. The park is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views of Langkawi Island. Visitors can enjoy the park’s various activities while taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

The price range of Morac Adventure Park Langkawi is quite reasonable, and there are different packages available for visitors to choose from. The park offers affordable rates for single activities or a combination of activities, and discounts are available for larger groups.

Overall, Morac Adventure Park Langkawi is a must-visit destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. With its exciting activities, top-notch facilities, affordable prices, and stunning surroundings, it is easy to see why this park is so popular among tourists.

Google Map Link:

Instagram Link:

Facebook Link:

Address : Lot 67, Jalan Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang, Kedah, 07000 Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Contact Number : +60-4-955 2727/+60 12 957 3327

Email :


Morac Go Kart Track 1 Utama

Morac Go Kart Track at 1 Utama is an exciting destination for all those who love racing and adrenaline-pumping activities. The facility is located in the popular shopping mall, 1 Utama, in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The track provides a thrilling experience for people of all ages, making it a popular destination for families, friends, and colleagues.

The go-kart track is well-maintained and designed to provide a challenging and exciting racing experience. The facility has a range of karts to suit different skill levels, including single-seater and two-seater karts. The karts are regularly serviced and maintained to ensure they are in top condition.

Apart from the go-kart track, the facility also has a range of other amenities to keep visitors entertained. There is a mini arcade with games for all ages, and a café where visitors can relax and grab a bite to eat. Additionally, there is ample parking space available for visitors.

One of the unique features of Morac Go Kart Track is its location in the 1 Utama shopping mall. This means that visitors can easily combine a fun racing experience with shopping and dining at one of the largest malls in Malaysia. The facility is also easily accessible, with several public transportation options available.

The price range at Morac Go Kart Track is affordable and competitive, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors. The cost of a single kart ride starts from RM25, and there are packages available for groups and parties.

To learn more about Morac Go Kart Track and keep up with their latest updates and promotions, visitors can follow them on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Google Maps Link:



Operation Hours :

Mon: Closed

Tue – Fri: 1pm – 9pm

Sat – Sun: 10am – 10pm

Contact Number : +601125707005

Address : Lot 60947, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Email :


Blastacars Malaysia

Blastacars Malaysia is an exciting indoor go-karting facility located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It offers a unique experience for people of all ages who enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities. In this essay, we will discuss Blastacars Malaysia’s facilities, how they attract people to shop, their pricing range, and provide links to their Google Map, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

Facilities: Blastacars Malaysia has state-of-the-art go-karts that are designed to offer maximum speed and control to drivers. The go-karts have powerful engines that can reach speeds of up to 45km/h. The facility also has a track that measures 400m, which is enough to test even the most experienced drivers. Blastacars Malaysia’s track is well-designed with banked corners, straights, and hairpins, offering a challenging and exhilarating experience to drivers.

Apart from the go-karts and track, Blastacars Malaysia also has a range of other facilities. These include a restaurant that serves delicious food and drinks, a viewing area for spectators, and a lounge where people can relax and socialize.

How they attract people to shop: Blastacars Malaysia uses various strategies to attract people to its facility. These include:

  1. Promotions and discounts: Blastacars Malaysia offers regular promotions and discounts to attract new customers and retain existing ones. They also have loyalty programs that offer perks and benefits to frequent customers.

  2. Social media marketing: Blastacars Malaysia has an active social media presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They regularly post engaging content, including photos and videos of their go-karts in action, to attract people to their facility.

  3. Corporate events: Blastacars Malaysia also hosts corporate events and team-building activities. These events offer companies a unique and exciting way to motivate and reward their employees.

Price range: Blastacars Malaysia’s pricing is competitive and affordable. The price for a 10-minute go-karting session is RM 30, while a 20-minute session costs RM 50. Blastacars Malaysia also offers package deals for groups and parties, which include food and drinks.

Google Map link:,103.2945664/Blastacars+Malaysia/@2.5317725,101.387885,8z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m1!4e1!1m5!1m1!1s0x31cdcaecec5b54b7:0xe4a284827fce0d20!2m2!1d101.7107086!2d3.1447138

Instagram link:

Facebook link:

Overall, Blastacars Malaysia is a fantastic facility that offers an exhilarating go-karting experience. With its state-of-the-art go-karts, well-designed track, and range of other facilities, Blastacars Malaysia is the perfect destination for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush. Its competitive pricing and various promotional offers make it an accessible and affordable option for people of all ages.

Operation Hours:

1pm – 10pm (Mondays to Fridays)

10am – 10pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

Contact Number: +60 199341349

Address : 5th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, 111, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang -55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Formula Karting


Formula Karting is located at Encorp the Strand Mall (Kota Damansara), Level 5. It is located in the hea

Formula Carting is one of the most popular karting venues in Malaysia, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This facility is a must-visit for all motorsports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. In this essay, we will explore the different aspects of Formula Carting, including their facilities, how they attract people to shop, and how it looks like.

Facilities: Formula Carting is equipped with a state-of-the-art go-karting track, which is 700 meters long and has 11 challenging turns. The karts are powered by Honda engines and can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h. There are various packages available for different group sizes, from individual riders to large groups.

In addition to the go-karting track, Formula Carting also has a spacious indoor arcade, which includes a range of games and activities suitable for all ages. They also have a café that serves delicious snacks and drinks, perfect for refueling after a thrilling race.

Attracting people to shop: Formula Carting attracts people to shop through various marketing techniques, including social media advertising, targeted email marketing, and event sponsorships. They also offer discounts and promotions to their regular customers, which encourages repeat visits and builds customer loyalty.

How it looks like: The facility has a sleek and modern look, with its bright red and white color scheme. The go-karting track is surrounded by high fences and tire barriers for safety, while the arcade area has a fun and colorful vibe. Overall, Formula Carting provides a fun and exciting atmosphere that is perfect for a day out with friends and family.

Price range: The price range for go-karting at Formula Carting varies depending on the package you choose. Prices start from RM 28 for a single ride and go up to RM 700 for a VIP package that includes 40 rides and other perks. The arcade games are priced individually, and there are also package deals available.

Google map link: Here is the Google Maps link to Formula Carting’s location:

Instagram link: Here is Formula Carting’s Instagram handle: @formulacartingkl

Facebook link: Here is Formula Carting’s Facebook page:

In conclusion, Formula Carting is a fantastic place to visit for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush or a fun day out with friends and family. Their state-of-the-art facilities, exciting race track, and spacious arcade make it the perfect destination for motorsports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers.

Operation Hours:

3pm – 10pm (Tuesday to Friday)

10am – 10pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

Monday Closed

Contact Number: 018-318 7705

Address : Level 5 Carpark Encorp the Strand Mall, Jalan PJU 5/22 Encorp Strand Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, PJU 5 Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Crazy Racing

Crazy Racing is one of the most exciting go-kart tracks in Malacca, Malaysia, attracting thrill-seekers and racing enthusiasts from all over the region. Located at Jalan Hang Tuah, the track boasts a range of impressive facilities that provide visitors with a memorable experience.

Facilities: The track itself is a 400-meter-long circuit with twists and turns that will keep you on your toes. It’s also well-maintained, ensuring that all karts run smoothly and are in top condition. Safety is also a top priority at Crazy Racing, with staff on-hand to ensure that all visitors are well-equipped with helmets and other necessary gear.

Attracting people to shop: Apart from the racing experience, Crazy Racing also offers a range of other activities to keep visitors entertained. The venue has a large seating area where spectators can watch the races while enjoying a drink or a snack from the on-site cafe. There is also a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase merchandise, such as t-shirts and caps, to remember their experience at Crazy Racing.

Price range: The price of a single go-kart ride at Crazy Racing is around RM25 ($6.30 USD) per person, and they offer discounts for group bookings. They also have various packages to choose from, which include multiple rides and other activities, such as laser tag and archery.

Appearance: Crazy Racing has a modern and sleek appearance, with bright and bold colors on the track and buildings. The venue is well-lit at night, creating an exciting atmosphere for visitors.

Google map link:,102.2531518,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x31da361b7ed8f763:0x496fc813b0fc57de!8m2!3d2.2035676!4d102.2553405

Instagram link:

Facebook link:

Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday 4.30pm-1am

Contact Number:


Address : PT434 Peka Klebang Section 11, 75200 Melaka


Sepang International Kart Circuit

The Sepang International Kart Circuit, which is owned by the same company as City Karting, is located next to the Sepang Formula One circuit. It is one of the most popular tracks in Klang Valley. Hermann Tilke is the F1 circuit designer who designed the go-kart circuit. He also laid out the main circuit of the Sepang International Circuit. The kart track is 10 meters wide and 1.247 kilometers long, with 11 corners.

You can choose the Quick Experience, which is a 10-minute session. If it’s a friendly match, you can book a match package. You can take up to 10 people. The race management and timing package lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Operating hours:

10am – 6pm (Daily)

Closed on Mondays.

Address: 344, Sepang F1 Circuit, 43900 Sepang, Selangor

Contact Number: 017-875 7889


Kart Hauz

Kart Hauz is the ultimate destination for adrenaline junkies and racing enthusiasts in Penang. Located in Batu Maung, this state-of-the-art karting facility offers an unparalleled experience for drivers of all levels. With its state-of-the-art karts, professionally designed tracks, and experienced staff, Kart Hauz is the perfect place for those who are looking for an exhilarating and unforgettable racing experience.

The facilities at Kart Hauz are second to none. They offer a wide range of services and amenities to ensure that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable time while they’re there. The facility has a fully air-conditioned lounge area, with comfortable seating and a variety of refreshments available. There is also a large outdoor viewing area where spectators can watch the races and cheer on their friends and family.

Kart Hauz offers a range of karts to cater to different skill levels, from novice to professional. They have junior karts for kids aged 7 to 12 years old, as well as adult karts that can reach speeds of up to 45km/h. The karts are equipped with the latest safety features, including roll cages and seat belts, to ensure that drivers are safe at all times.

The tracks at Kart Hauz are professionally designed and maintained to the highest standards. There are two tracks available – the junior track and the main track. The junior track is perfect for kids who are just starting out, while the main track is suitable for more experienced drivers. Both tracks are challenging and exciting, with plenty of twists and turns to keep drivers on their toes.

The price range at Kart Hauz is reasonable and affordable. For a 10-minute ride, the price is RM 25 for junior karts and RM 35 for adult karts. For those who are looking for a longer experience, there are also package deals available. For example, the 30-minute package costs RM 70 for junior karts and RM 100 for adult karts.

To keep up with the latest updates and promotions, visitors can follow Kart Hauz on social media. Their Instagram handle is @karthauzpg, while their Facebook page is Kart Hauz ( They regularly post photos and videos of their latest events and activities, as well as special promotions and discounts.

For those who are unfamiliar with the location, Kart Hauz is easily accessible via Google Maps. Their address is Level 6 Car Park, Design Village Outlet Mall, 733, Jalan Cassia Barat 2, Bandar Cassia, 14110 Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang With its convenient location and top-notch facilities, Kart Hauz is definitely a must-visit destination for anyone who is looking for an exciting and unforgettable racing experience in Penang.


Operation Hours : 3:00pm to 11:00pm daily

Contact Number : +601125183268

Address : LEVEL 6, Design Village Penang Mall, 733, Jalan Cassia Barat 2, 14110 Bandar Cassia, Penang

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