How To Get To Segamat From Singapore

If you feel like you need to relax from the busy life of the metropolis and need a break to breathe (really do), Segamat in Johor is your next mini vacation!

Segamat, a quaint town, still retains its old charm and nostalgic feel while experiencing a new trendy vibe.

Let the warm water soothe the soul, rejuvenate the body, or breathe in the greenery of the mountain top.

Perhaps a day trip to Segamat is enough to escape the big city.

From the delicious food that awakens your past, to the fresh air outdoors and the exquisite comfort of your accommodations, you can’t say no to this city!


Option 1: Private transport from Singapore to Segamat

One of the best traveling option is to hire private car. The private car company will take care of everything for you- safety, comfort and convenience.

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Why choose RICKSHAW ASIA’s private transfer?

  • Travel in Privacy

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  • No surcharge or extra charge


Option 2: Bus from Singapore to Segamat

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus service from Singapore to Segamat. However, you can take a bus to Larkin Sentral in Johor and from there take another bus to Segamat.

It takes longer to get to Segamat due to bus changes and waiting times, but can let’s treat it as an adventure and enjoy every ride.


Option 3: Train from Singapore to Segamat

Obviously, there are no direct trains from Singapore to Segamat, hence you will have to take the shuttle train from Woodlands CIQ to JB central. The method is really simple – find out more here: How do I get to JB central from Woodlands CIQ

After arriving at JB Sentral station, take the KTM train to Segamat, which takes about three and a half hours and is not far from the bus.


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