How To Get To Tangkak From Singapore

Tangkak is a town located in the district of Ledang in the state of Johor, Malaysia. The town has a rich history that dates back to the 15th century, when it was part of the Malacca Sultanate.

During the colonial era, Tangkak was an important stopover for traders and travelers who were traveling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. The town also played a significant role during World War II, as it was the site of several battles between the Japanese and the Allied forces.

Today, Tangkak is a popular destination for those who are interested in history and culture. Visitors can explore the town’s many historical sites, including the Tangkak Fort, which was built in the 18th century and served as a defense against the Dutch. The town is also home to several mosques and temples, including the Masjid Jamek Tangkak and the Guan Yin Temple.

If you are interested in history, Tangkak is definitely worth a visit. The town’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance make it a fascinating destination for anyone who wants to learn more about the region’s past.




Option 1: Private transport from Singapore to Tangkak

The distance from Singapore to Tangkak is approximately 160 kilometers and the journey by private car typically takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken. Here are the steps involved in the process of traveling by private car from Singapore to Tangkak:

  1. Start by planning your route and determining the best way to reach Tangkak from Singapore. There are several routes you can take, depending on your preferences and the traffic conditions.

  2. Once you have determined your route, ensure that your car is in good condition and has enough fuel for the journey. You should also check your car’s tire pressure, engine oil level, and other essential components before starting your journey.

  3. Drive towards the Malaysia-Singapore border checkpoint, which is located at Woodlands. You will need to clear immigration at both Singapore and Malaysia checkpoints.

  4. After clearing the checkpoints, you can continue driving on the North-South Expressway (NSE) towards Johor Bahru, the capital of Johor state.

  5. Follow the signs to exit the NSE towards Tangkak. You will need to pay a toll fee at the Tangkak exit.

  6. Continue driving towards Tangkak town, which is located approximately 15 kilometers from the NSE exit.

Advantages of traveling by private car as compared to bus include:

  1. Flexibility: When traveling by private car, you have the flexibility to stop and take breaks whenever you want, and you can also take detours or change your route if you encounter traffic or road closures.

  2. Comfort: Private cars provide a more comfortable traveling experience than buses, as you can control the temperature, music, and other environmental factors.

  3. Privacy: You have more privacy in a private car than on a bus, as you are not sharing the space with other passengers.

  4. Cost-effective: If you are traveling in a group, traveling by private car can be more cost-effective than taking the bus, especially if you split the cost of fuel and tolls.

  5. Faster travel time: Private cars can reach Tangkak faster than buses as they are not subject to the same schedules and traffic constraints as buses.


Option 2: Bus from Singapore to Tangkak

The journey from Singapore to Tangkak by bus usually takes around 3-4 hours depending on traffic conditions and the specific route taken. Here is a general description of the process:

  1. Find a bus operator: There are several bus operators that provide services from Singapore to Tangkak, such as KKKL Express, Transnasional, and S&S International Express. You can book your ticket online or at the bus operator’s ticket counter.

  2. Board the bus: The bus usually departs from the respective bus operator’s terminal in Singapore, such as Golden Mile Complex or Boon Lay. Make sure you arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes before the departure time. Board the bus with your ticket and take your seat.

  3. Immigration checkpoint: The bus will stop at the Woodlands Checkpoint, which is the border between Singapore and Malaysia. You will need to alight from the bus and clear immigration on both sides. Make sure you have all the necessary travel documents such as your passport and visa.

  4. Continue the journey: After clearing immigration, reboard the bus and continue the journey to Tangkak. The bus will usually make a few stops along the way for passengers to use the restroom or purchase snacks.

  5. Arrival in Tangkak: The bus will arrive at the Tangkak Bus Terminal. From there, you can take a taxi or local transportation to your final destination.

It’s important to note that the bus schedule and route may vary depending on the bus operator you choose. It’s always a good idea to confirm the details of your trip with the bus operator in advance.

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